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Fashion Industry constant growing has made it as one of popular targeted bussiness. And high demand of skillful human resources for its field has challenged the Fashion School to have the ability to train future fashion industry professionals.

PISON ART N FASHION FOUNDATION, founded by Elizabeth Njo May Fen, aimed to inspired young people to explore and develop their art potential. She also developed special syllabus of Pattern Design Technique which is very easy to understand and to apply practically even by the new students. She has a dream to inspire every student to be Fashion Entrepreneur, so Indonesia will be a noticeable country in fashon industry in the world.

To achieve that goal, PISON ART N FASHION FOUNDATION has an unique agenda, collaborated with its student, alumni, teacher and the shopping malls, they bring a Fashion Show and Pop Up Store continuously since 2009. That agenda is remarkable amongst the local society, and local media. Its obviously has brought new atmosphere, spirit and offer knowledge of trending fashion to the audience.

Along with the positive response from the students, teachers, society and media, PISON ART N FASHION FOUNDATION finally build a fashion community and fashion gallery. This is to support our fresh graduated to start building their own label in ready to wear fashion line.

Philosophy of Pison

The name of PISON was adopted from the Bible. The First River that’s flowed around the entire land of Havilah, where Pure Gold is found. Genesis 2 : 10 - 12

The name of PISON bring a deep philosophy as shown in the PISON trade mark, created by the founder, and has been patented by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia.

The Logo is descripe that PISON ART N FASHION FOUNDATION will provide the solid learning with uptodate sylabus created by the team worked in the Department of Research & Bussiness Development, with a mission to deliver Pison’s students (the black color is land) to be the future creative leaders in art and fashion design (the black oval cut out the circle). Let’s shine for the world!


To be an International High Quality Art and Fashion School


Produce Future Creative Leaders that will be able to make an impact in developing the brand in art and fashion bussiness, and promote PASSION FOR INDONESIA, which is the student work must contains the local values ( using Indonesian Textile s.a Batik Tulis and Batik Cap, and Tenun Of Indonesia)

About founder

ELIZABETH NJO MAY FEN, born in 1977, North Sumatera, Indonesia. She learned art and fashion by autodidact since she was 10 years old. Graduated in Fashion Education at BUNKA in 1995, Advance Patternmaking at LASALLE COLLEGE in 2007


Contact us:
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