Fashion Details

FASHION DETAILS course is designed to introduces the student to the technique of creating an ornament, or give a finishing touch to the couture gown, by adding hand stictches or paillete and beads, stone, crystal, gems and etc. The course concern in color matching, detail combination in a various technique.

Program outline
  • Handstitches Embroiderry
  • Smocking
    create the texture
  • Paillete and Beads Embroiderry
    combine stones, gems, crystal, beads, colors, etc
  • Silk Hand Painting
  • Hand made Corsage and Millinery
  • Tie Dye Technique
  • Batik Technique
  • Project
    Fashion Accessories in various Textile Modification and Details

Program offered
    4 months ( 2 session oer week )
    Min. 6 seats Max. 10 seats

Fashion Accessories

FASHION ACCESSORIES is the significant addition to emphasizing a design. The purpose of FASHION ACCESSORIES program is learn how to make an innovative and various accessories. This program is concern in Hair accessories, Shoes Alteration, Millinery Head Pieces, etc. Most of the subject in the lessons are practical.

Program outline
  • Measurement and Type of cap and hat
  • Cap Patternmaking
    Hunting cap, casquette, marine cap, baseball cap, sun visor, pilot’s cap, racing cap
  • Hat Patternmaking
    Tyrolean hat, Cloche, Crew hat, sailor hat, Breton hat, Topee/ safari hat, Beret, roll cap, Pillbox, Hood, Nose Veil, Head Veil, Swim cap
  • Millinery HeadPiece
  • Shoe Alteration
  • Assembling
  • Project
  • Mini Collection

Program offered
    4 months ( 2 session each week )
    Min. 6 seats Max. 10 seats
    Quota Maximum. 4 seats only

Fashion Craft

FASHION CRAFT (FC) is designed for kids and handicraft lovers. Suitable for mom and kid as a starter program. Its good for kid to know their sense of art earlier

Program outline
Part 1
  • Dolls and fashion application
  • Fashion accessories
    necklace, brooche, hairpiece
  • Room Decoration
    fashion towel, functional fashion wall hanging
  • Paper Crafting Fashion Design using Sticker
    ( for 7 yo - 8 yo), using Ruler ( for up to 9 yo )
  • Patternmaking For Teddy Bear
Part 2
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Patternmaking For Teddy Bear
  • Sewing using sewing machine
  • Cute Sandal
  • Fashion Bag

Program offered
    Quota. Maximal 8 seats
    Duration. 3 weeks | 3 hours each session x 10 sessions / week
    Quota. Maximal 8 seats
    Duration. 6 months | 4 hours each session x 4 session / week
    Quota Maximum. 4 seats only

Express Class for Portfolio Design

EXPRESS CLASS FOR PORTFOLIO DESIGN (ECPD) is starter program for you to prepare yourself to enter the Fashion University The Course includes Sketch and Design Development, Oversized Patternmaking and Sewing

Program outline
  • Sketch & Coloring
  • Design Process
  • Design Development
  • Brand DNA
  • Fashion style and silhouette
  • Basic Patternmaking
  • Loose Garment Development
  • Sewing 2 Project
    ( 1 Loose Mini Dress, 1 Oversized Outer )
  • Styling Project
  • Portfolio Design

Program offered
    Quota Maximum. 4 seats only | 3 times in each week | 3 months

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